Friday, January 9, 2015


It's been a cold week in Iowa for our first week back to school. We only had one full day of school this week. Next week could be pretty tough to get back into a routine! We have all kinds of fun during our extra time at home!
Moose trying on his snow boots before church on Sunday
Brotherly love in their matching shirts!
Dizzle was so excited for snow! He loves to shovel!
He decided it was maybe a little too cold to stay out very long!
Moose of course couldn't stay inside while the big boys were outside! I bundled him up to go help them shovel. When Daddy dragged him inside, he cried for about 10 minutes!
Moose got some new tubes to build with for Christmas from Pa. If you pair those up with the builder set from Auntie Meg then we have quite a construction worker!
Dizzle decided it was a good night to go exploring! He got all dressed and ready so brother followed in his footsteps and did the same. They tell me they are "camping" in the living room tonight!
While I did better taking pictures this week, there were a few events I missed! Nana took Dizzle to the skating rink. Moose and I tagged along for part of the time. Moose let me walk beside him for his first lap around. After that he told me to go away! The two boys skated round and round...Dizzle was so excited to use those new skates from Auntie Meg! Dizzle also started Upwards Basketball this week. He had his first practice and is excited to be on the Owls basketball team!
Enjoy your week!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

This blog is a result of my desire to do a better job with two things this year...taking more pictures with my camera and writing down those funny moments with my boys that just make me shake my head. Most of the time these moments don't make me laugh at the moment but I'm hoping if I document them, I will laugh at them later! I hope you enjoy following our families adventures! Our new started off bright and early on Thursday morning. Moose has been skipping his afternoon nap and falling asleep for the night around 7. This means that he is up and ready to go around 5 a.m. Typically he comes in to our room but this time he decided to crawl in bed with his brother! Dizzle was happier to see him that I usually am!

We had a lot of cleaning and reorganizing to do to fit all of those awesome Christmas presents into the boy's rooms! Dizzle decided to help us clean under Moose's bed.

I will leave you with a few fun pictures from our Christmas!
Dizzle's New Bible

Moose's John Deere Tool Belt and Hat

Dizzle checking out the new Bounce Game

Christmas at Nana's (A very tired Moose)

Jason trying out Joshua's new maze while Soph models her new coat

Playing Minute to Win it Games...

Josh had a bit of a handicap - he had to throw left handed!

Is stretching this far legal?!?!

Happy New Year! May you feel God's blessing as you follow his will this year!