Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Catching Up!!

I've thought about updating the blog several times but I always get interrupted! I'm going to give it my best shot to share some pictures that will catch you up with all of our happenings in January. 

Dizzle had a successful campout on the couch!


We decided it was time to sort Dizzle's Lego's!

After Pic

In all of his orneriness, Moose decided to take off his church shoes and put on his tennis shoes while Mommy was getting ready! Oh mom taught me to pick my battles!!

Some days it's just too hard to stay awake and eat!

Brother cuddles with the IPad

Moose is super proud that he learned to open the not so much!!

Sleepy boy!

I come into the kitchen and find that Moose has set the step stool up. The following conversation occurs:
Mommy Stop!

Need snack!

Got it!!

See! (magnet to open the cupboard)

Help me!

Dizzle is helping to take down Christmas lights!

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